Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Think Like A Man Review

Think Like A Man is probably the biggest surprise so far in this year’s movie season.  The trailer makes the film look unfunny, unoriginal, and cliché ridden.  The film is actually a funny, entertaining, and at times insightful look at love and relationships.  It’s boosted by an incredible ensemble cast that adds charm and likability to their characters.  This film was a real shocker for me.
Think Like A Man is inspired by the Steve Harvey book, Think Like a Man, Act Like A Lady.  When four young ladies are disappointed by how men are behaving and acting, they turn to the book to even the playing field.  We have the mama’s boy, played by Terrence Jenkins, who always puts his mom over his girlfriend.  We have the young adult who refuses to grow up, played by Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara. We also have the very funny Kevin Hart, who plays a recently divorced man who is happy to be single and not dealing with the stress that men in relationships are currently battling. Rounding out the male cast is Romano Malco, the player, Gary Owen, the happily married man, and the upstart with potential but no real income, played by Michael Ealy.
Their women are played by Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, and Taraji P. Henson.  The women realize that with the help of this book by Steve Harvey, they are able to get their men to grow up, commit, and act like real men.  The men are shocked as everything is changing with their women, and they can’t figure out why.  It’s a full on battle of the sexes in Think Like A Man, which starts off funny and ends up being very funny and quite sweet before it’s all said and done.
Think Like A Man is a movie that both men and women can enjoy, due to relating to or understanding their problems or the characters themselves. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, you have to like the characters in the film and want them to end up together. If not, there is no reason to watch their plight and their misunderstandings for two hours.  Even though this film runs at two hours, you enjoy spending time with all of them, as even though they have their problems, they feel real and authentic to what could actually happen in a real-life relationship.
I really wish this film would have had a better trailer, as I would have viewed it a lot sooner.  Then again, it was a nice surprise to walk into a flick with no expectations and enjoy the heck out of it, smile, and laugh. I have to give a special shout out to Kevin Hart, as he is downright hilarious in this film and steals every scene.  When they finally showed his wife, I thought it was brilliant casting.  Don’t let the bad trailer for you. This is a good romantic comedy worth seeing.
Grade: A-
How should you see it: On the big screen

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