Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Change Up Review

The Change-Up is an R-rated comedy that earns it’s R-rating. It’s vulgar, offensive, gross, in-your-face, and offers no apologies for its brashness. Throughout most of the film, you will find yourself looking at the person next to you and saying, “Wow, did that really just happen?” It’s good to see a mainstream Hollywood comedy that pushes its R-rating and maybe even gets away with a few things. This is simply the type of movie where you sit back, laugh your ass off, and relax. There’s nothing to really think about or ponder with this one. It’s not a thoughtful, sensitive, or insightful movie.
Of course, we have seen the plot for the change up more times than we probably care to remember. Two people change bodies and become the other person. In this case, Ryan Reynolds becomes Jason Bateman and Jason Bateman becomes Ryan Reynolds. In the case of Ryan Reynolds, he has to become the character of Dave. Dave’s a hard-working married man who puts all of his time and effort into his job, which often leaves his wife, played by Leslie Mann, feeling quite neglected. In the case of Jason Bateman, he becomes the character of Mitch: a sleazy, B-level movie star that comes home with a new girl every night.
It’s quite humorous to see them have to live each other’s lives, especially when Dave has to act in a light porn flick. The results are gut busting and hilarious. Both of them have a lot of fun in this flick, and that enhances the viewing experience for the audience greatly. They play off of each other extremely well and their quick wit suits this film just perfectly. The film does slow down a little bit in the third act, but there are more than enough laughs here to give this film a solid recommendation. It’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen this summer. Jason Bateman is the undisputed king of summer comedies with this and Horrible Bosses under his belt. Reynolds also gets a chance to show off his underrated comic talents. He plays one of the better likable jerks in Hollywood .
The Change-Up will not win any points for originality. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in humor and acting. This film is all about Bateman and Reynolds, and they are having the time of their lives in this one. Because of this, we are having just as much fun as the audience. Don’t look for this film to leave you with any message after the credits roll. This film has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make you laugh. On that level, it is worth watching this summer.
Grade: B+
How should you see it? On the big screen

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